Hebron: Life under the occupation

Here’s a 22-minute video of Hebron, the history-rich ancient city in the West Bank that is now a source of conflict between Palestinians and Israeli settlers, with Israeli security forces placed squarely in the middle.

Serving as tour guide during my trip there earlier this year was Mikhael Manekin, co-founder of Breaking the Silence, a human rights group made up of former Israeli soldiers who participated in the occupation.

Occupation 101: Hebron from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

The documentary short offers a fascinating glimpse into the obstacles that many Palestinians face in their day-to-day lives under Israeli occupation. This work of citizen journalism serves to throw a spotlight on what’s happening; fashioning a solution is much more complicated.

Here’s the two-part series I wrote up on Socialmedia.biz:

JD Lasica
Written by JD Lasica
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