Photo gallery of Kotor, Montenegro

Here’s a photo gallery of my trip to Kotor, Montenegro, aboard Viking Star in November 2015. The history and look of the place was absolutely mesmerizing!

Loved the medieval Old Town, sitting right on the Adriatic coast, with its Romanesque churches, public squares and narrow winding streets. But what was most memorable was our trek up a steep winding trail above Old Kotor, which leads you up 1,350 steps to the ruins of the Castle of San Giovanni, some 4,000 feet above the bay. Took some epic shots of the city and bay along the way.

We finished up with a late-afternoon dinner at Dalmatinska Konoba Cesarica, a family-owned restaurant where the waitress, a college graduate of Serbian descent, told of her difficulty in finding a job because of her nationality. Deeply moving.

JD Lasica
Written by JD Lasica
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