Telemarketing firm TCE Marketing needs to be prosecuted

Robo-calls from Carpet, Tile and Furniture Cleaning Experts just won’t stop

By J.D. Lasica

Have you ever gotten on a telemarketer’s phone list and found it absolutely impossible to get off of it? That’s what’s happened to me. For the past two months, at least five times a week — including weekends — I’ve received the following voicemail:

Hello! Are your carpets dirty? This is Ray with the Carpet, Tile and Furniture Cleaning Experts, and for a limited time we will clean as many rooms you’d like for as low as $9.99 per room. …

Carpet, Tile and Furniture Cleaning Experts is apparently a business in Sacramento — phone number 916-234-9398 — whose robo-calls are conducted by TCE Marketing of San Ramon. At first, I ignored the calls. Then I called back and left messages to call me so that I could be removed from their list — since we don’t have any carpets here in the office. Then I called and left messages to call me with the expectation that someone would return a call from a potential customer.

No one ever returns the calls. And yet the telemarketing come-ons keep on coming, day after day, during my business calls, during webinars that I give.

I did not authorize you to contact me at my business and at my home (I’m getting calls at both). I have no way of knowing which company sold my name to your list. And I’m reporting you to the Better Business Bureau, state of California Dept. of Consumer Affairs and any other agency that tries to rein in unscrupulous companies like this.

Apparently I’m not the only one, as this Reno News Review article makes clear from July 2011. Any customer who deals with the Carpet, Tile and Furniture Cleaning Experts — if they exist — is a fool.

JD Lasica
Written by JD Lasica
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