NBC News’ Ann Curry on Twitter

Ann Curry, news anchor of NBC’s “Today” show, spoke animatedly at the 140 Character Conference in New York on June 15, 2009, about news as a public service rather than a business and the growing impact of social media services like Twitter.

I caught up with her as she was leaving and did a 3-minute video interview, in which she says, “People want to smarten up — and they want Twitter to smarten up” so that it can play a key role in the news ecosystem.

NBC News’ Ann Curry on Twitter from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

“Journalism is an act of faith in the future, and it is a war,” she said. “Oftentimes I feel bloodied with a sword unsheathed. That’s because you’re fighting for stories that you want covered.”

Curry smartly uses Twitter as a sort of electronic newspaper to spread the word about stories that didn’t make it on air. She points to the fact that many important stories don’t get a lot of attention — in both traditional media and on Twitter. Viewers and users “want to watch something more salacious and that makes me crazy.”

She says of Twitter (where she tweets daily at @AnnCurry): “I look at Twitter as my own two-way broadcasting. I put things out, I hear things back, I gain from people’s perspectives all over the world. … I don’t feel threatened [by Twitter and new forms of media], I feel excited.”

I wrote more about our brief encounter over at Socialmedia.biz:

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