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Imet Andrea Syrtash — author, advice columnist and life coach — at last year’s 140 Characters conference in New York, so when she swung into San Francisco as part of her book tour for “He’s Just Not Your Type,” I caught up with her after her talk at Book Passage along the Embarcadero.

“He’s Just Not” isn’t the typical fear-based dating advice book (You’re not getting any younger! Settle!). Mostly, it’s about discovering things about yourself, including unsuccessful dating patterns. “If you keep dating the same kind of person and it’s not working, you might want to mix it up,” she said.

‘He’s Just Not Your Type’ from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

The book explores not just relationships and dating but finding balance in your life. “It’s about connecting with values in all areas of your life so that you’re living an authentic life,” Andrea said.

There are more than 40 million Americans who are dating online — that’s almost half the single population — and social media is becoming an important part of the singles scene. She told the 20 or so attendees that she was against “Facebook stalking,” but that doesn’t mean online doesn’t play a part. “I think social media is a great place for building relationships. The key, though, is to take it offline.”

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And be sure to check out “He’s Just Not Your Type” at Andrea’s site.

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