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Darknet jacket

Darknet: Hollywood’s War Against the Digital Generation

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

308 pages, May 2005

Synopsis: A look at emerging media, participatory culture and the clashes between entertainment companies and the digital generation.

Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing book jacket

Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing: The next-generation Internet’s impact on business, governance and social interaction

Publisher: Aspen Institute

110 pages, May 2009

Synopsis: As information, software and identity move to the cloud, the roundtable explores the transformative possibilities of this new computing paradigm for culture, commerce and personal communication. The report considers potential consequences for privacy, governance and security, and it includes policy recommendations and advice for the new presidential administration. JD Lasica synthesizes the output of 28 leaders and experts from the information technology, financial, government, academic and public policy sectors.

Civic Engagement on the Move book jacket

Civic Engagement on the Move: How mobile media can serve the public good

Publisher: Aspen Institute

110 pages, July 2008

Synopsis: The Aspen Institute Roundtable on Mobile Media and Civic Engagement convened 29 thought leaders from business, academia and the nonprofit world to tackle a number of questions: How does increased mobility impact our willingness to engage people with different backgrounds than our own? What is it about mobile that sets it apart from other media platforms? How are citizen journalists who use mobile devices reshaping the enterprise of journalism? How are mobile technologies being put to good use on the streets to advance social justice?

The Mobile Generation: Global Transformations at the Cellular Level

Publisher: Aspen Institute

72 pages, February 2007

Synopsis: A panoply of big thinkers at the 15th annual Aspen Institute Roundtable on Information Technology took part in a roundtable about the Mobile Generation, examining the profound changes ahead as a result of the convergence of wireless technologies and the Internet, with an emphasis on how youths use mobile technology.

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